A library for the community… part of the Bostall Library Community Group

Bexley Village Library has been providing the community with a wealth of resources for many years. It first opened as a public library in 1899 having been built specially for that purpose. It has been a community run library since 2012 and from 2017 became part of the Bostall Library Community Group

We have a large selection of books, journals and educational resources spanning a wide range of genres.

Computers are available to aid in your research, and our building has Wi-Fi access for those wishing to bring their own devices.

For those seeking to study, or who simply wish to escape the modern-day hustle and bustle, we offer a quiet zone.

Children are always welcome in our library; we have a range of children’s books and encourage reading at home from an early age. Please ask for more information about our child friendly activities, or click on the relevant tab above. 

Our library offers far more than the initial function of academic knowledge and learning. We intend to inspire generations; from one year old to one hundred years old (plus!), we offer a range of materials designed to spark imagination and interest.


One of our main objectives to was create a Coffee Shop for everyone to come along, meet up and socialise in a friendly homely environment.. Come and give us a try - Takeaways available as well...


The Coffee Shop  CoffeeShop




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Bostall Library Community Group - Registered Charity Number 1165313